Hi, I'm Kerry.

I teach online business owners how to create

a dream team confidence in themselves the life they want regular downtime stress free growth the life they want

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Hi, I'm Kerry.

I teach creative business owners how to create

a dream team confidence in themselves the life they want regular downtime stress free growth the life they want

Are you tired of feeling like your business is running you?

You started your business because you loved what you did, had a passion for it and likely wanted to help others.

Now, you’re juggling too many balls, missing or saying no to opportunities, perhaps even noticing gaps in what you deliver for clients.  You’re overwhelmed.

What would it mean to only focus on the things that bring you joy, to have someone else to be the “doer”?

Truth bomb time – it is possible to feel excited about your business, reduce the overwhelm AND have more structure in your business and the way you lead it. Hiring the right team members gives you the capacity to grow your business, to be open to more opportunities and to create space in your life for the other things that bring you joy.  

I can help you get back the joy, and the balance in your life.

“Practical examples of how to implement strategies, an abundance of resources.  The bigger projects to scale up that seemed so overwhelming and demanding of my time have now been completed in record time after incorporating Kerry's approach and frameworks.”

Sarah - Organic Ministry Hairdressing Salon Owner and Entrepreneur

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My services include:

As you evolve, your business needs to as well. I'm here to give you the support you need for strategic yet effortless growth.


A bit about me...

I'm the owner of Kerry Kingham Coaching and Hire Like a Boss. I'd love for you to call me Kezza - most people do!

I help ambitious (but exhausted) online business owners nail their first perfect fit hire (even if they have NO CLUE what to look for, ask or do) so they can build a self-motivated profitable team, reclaim up to 10 hours of CEO time each week and swap the solopreneur juggle for stress free business growth.

I've spent over 15 years building and leading face to face AND remote teams across small business, start ups and corporate - this means I've pretty much seen it all when it comes to hiring people and building a high performance, as well as supportive, profitable teams and business culture.


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Access all my resources to grow your Dream Team without stress



Get Ready To
Hire Like a Boss

You know you can't keep juggling all the balls, you're missing opportunities and to be honest, would love to be able to step away for a break, or even just to work ON your business instead of always working in it.  Hire Like a Boss is the BFF you've been looking for!



Let's Chat More

Building a successful team needs support - leverage my structured approach to learn about yourself, clarify your goals, understand your roadblocks and develop a strategy to grow your business without stress.There's options to suit all stages of business growth.



Team Roadmap
The Ultimate Guide

If you have been freaking out about having to hire your first team member, this guide will set you on the right path!  Templates, links, resources, & an onboarding checklist will provide the best start for your first team hire. Set yourself up for success.


Ready to nail your perfect fit hire first time?

Download the FREE Hire Like a Boss Checklist and learn the 7 key steps to find out if you're ready to hire your first team member. Build your dream team, even if you"ve got no idea where to start.


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