7 Simple Steps to Nail Your First Dream Hire 

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Build a self-motivated profitable team and swap the solopreneur juggle for stress free business growth.


🎉 You know you should be growing your team. Maybe you already tried hiring before and it didn't go so well - it might even have felt more work than doing it all yourself.

🎉  You know that juggling everything yourself is starting to impact your clients, and you're over never having any downtime, or being able to take a proper break.

🎉  Set yourself up for hiring success.

🎉  Learn who to hire, when to hire them and how to feel confident handing over tasks and responsibilities to someone else.

🎉  If this is what you're after, you're in the RIGHT place and it doesn't have to be hard!

About Kerry


I'm the owner of Kerry Kingham Coaching and Hire Like a Boss. I'd love for you to call me Kezza - most people do!

I help ambitious (but exhausted) creative business owners nail their first perfect fit hire (even if they have NO CLUE what to look for, ask or do) so they can build a self-motivated profitable team, reclaim up to 10 hours of CEO time each week and swap the solopreneur juggle for stress free business growth.

I've spent over 15 years building and leading teams across small business, start ups and corporate - this means I've pretty much seen it all when it comes to hiring people and building a high performance, supportive, profitable teams and business culture.


Building a team to grow the business and step away from the tools

Kerry has inspired me to break through my usual way of thinking about how I run my business. As I slowly move off the tools, I really needed some guidance on how to keep my business running profitably, with me now becoming less hands on. Kerry has given me practical methods and tactics to set and achieve my business and personal goals and I am excited to keep moving forward. 

Shane Pope
Owner - Pope Concrete

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You've built your business to this point -  stop the freak out about growing your team, get back to your area of genius - and tap into my brain! 

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